Leo G. Johnson '58

Q: Why did you join Phi Sigma Kappa?
A: I was independent for two and a half years and in the fraternity for two and a half years. You can be so independent and then you say, 'Let's try the other way'. Socially, one semester in the fraternity was worth a full year or more as an independent. I enjoyed life as a Phi Sigma Kappa.

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Anthony Fusaro, PSU Ph.D. '62

Q. Why did you join Phi Sigma Kappa?
A. For fellowship and the whole concept of brotherhood and doing things with people of like mind. I got to know people in the fraternity through summer work and was therefore closer friends with them than with any of the other groups.

Q. Tell us about your favorite memory of the fraternity.
A. I don't know if I can pick out one thing. I really can't. There were too many.

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Barry E. Atkinson '62

Why did you join?
1960-62 - Phi Sig was a great fraternity. Great brothers, good GPA, comradery, social and togetherness. We had many great times - Loved our ouse mother Mrs.Dawson, had a great cook we called "Bouve" - a dinning room where we would be served by waiters who lived nearby. We had a mascot "Duger" (duges), who unfortuneatley drank as much beer as we did. Our Friday, Saturday night parties were filled and we had a nice atmosphere of caring for each other and for Penn State.

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