Doc Lamberton '49

No, it isn't what you're thinking. There were no fevers, coughs or sneezes. This house call was to 501 S. Allen Street. It was Alumni Weekend at Penn State, and Doc Lamberton '49 had decided to share a Phi Sig Friday night with his grandchildren. "We went to the house and rang the door," Lamberton recalled. "The actives answered the door and invited us in. We found them to be very nice young men, and we enjoyed ourselves very much." Read on to find out about the Kappa experiences of Doc Lamberton, his life as a physician and more.

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Willes “Bill” Reeder ’59

Willes "Bill" Reeder '59 rushed multiple fraternities upon arriving at Penn State, but ended up joining Phi Sigma Kappa because he liked the guys and the house the best. It was a decision he looks back on with a great sense of satisfaction, even to this day.

Had Bill not joined Phi Sig, his life would be entirely different. He was the social chairman during fall '57 and was in charge of filling the date list for an Alumni weekend. To complete this task he enlisted the help of a girl who was dating Harry Jones '58, named Lois, and ended up going to the party with her. They are still together to this day and Bill insists he would never have met her had he not joined Phi Sig.

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