You Can Help The Actives! See How

You Can Help The Actives! See HowKappa Chapter Scholarship Fund

If you would like to help current Actives meet the rising costs of obtaining a college education, you should consider contributing to the Kappa Chapter Scholarship Fund.  This fund is growing and we hope to be able to help our Kappa brothers each year with scholarship money to assist them.   You can help make this a reality by mailing your contribution using a form letter like this...

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Let's Step On The Scale

Let's Step On The ScaleThis month we’re stepping on the scale to see what we “weigh”.

Right, so maybe this is actually a really poor metaphor, but anyway, we’ll continue with it, because this was our New Year’s resolution (continue on with poor metaphors, check!).

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How Long Has It Been...

How Long Has It Been...How long has it been since you’ve thought about Phi Sigma Kappa?

Go on! Be honest. Anyway, whether it has been years, months, days, hours, or minutes, we would like to get your attention right now:

We’re like a family, as you may or may not be aware. And like most families, we have a rock; something to ground us firmly in reality. This rock not only keeps us grounded now but secures our future.

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