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James Hancock ‘53 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) says that it was a hometown tradition to pledge to Phi Sigma Kappa. “I was from Philipsburg, PA, and it seemed everyone going to Penn State pledged Phi Sig, so I also became another.”  

He says that there was something in particular that made the chapter stand apart from other fraternities. “We had the best food on campus,” he says. “Our full time cook, Mrs. Boyer, was outstanding. She was there for three meals a day except for Sunday evenings. In fact, I often used our great meals as a reason why men should rush to our house while I was the rush chair.” 

He says that some of his best memories are of the “big weekends and getting together around the piano after the evening meal. We always had a piano player in the house, and we had a player-piano in the game room downstairs.”  

He says that Phi Sigma Kappa made an impact on his life that lasted long after graduation. “I learned how to integrate into most social and business environments,” he says.  

Hancock says that giving back is critical for him. “I want others to have the same experience that I did as an undergrad, and a place to come back as an alumnus.”  

He says more good could happen if more brothers gave. “We could have lower cost for the undergrads and also keep the house up to date as new technologies are offered.”  

Without Phi Sigma Kappa, I wouldn't have the finished product I do have.