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Why did you join Phi Sigma Kappa? That's a question we recently asked some alumni, and they delivered! Hear the reasons that Phi Sigma Kappa house became a home away from home ... and would go on to impact the rest of their lives.  


 "Everyone was down to earth and no one took themselves too seriously. It was a pretty easy to fit in, no matter what your background was." - Naren Gursahaney ‘83

“It was extremely well rounded. Many different disciplines of study for variety - very good intramural sports teams, an excellent social calendar with great parties, lots of laughs, excellent sorority connections, a place to call home and experience growing up with a fun bunch of guys. What more could you want?” - Jim Spahn ‘76

"I went there several times and was impressed with the guys I met. It was a much friendlier house than the others I visited." - Bruce Balmat '70

“We had the best food on campus. In fact, I often used our great meals as a reason why men should rush to our house while I was the rush chair.” - James Hancock ‘53

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