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I’m pleased to be writing to you as the Board plans for a return to a certain amount of normalcy at 501 South Allen this fall.  In fact, we are planning for an in-person Homecoming!

From March 2020, when PSU sent the students home, until now, has been a time of unimaginable challenge and experience.  Yet, we came through it well – and in at least one respect, better.  Our actives did a great job through this past year.  Staying out of trouble took on a new meaning.  When the students were permitted to return to school, they had to live under strict quarantine laws and school regulations.  They managed it well.  Moreover, the pandemic had an odd but positive impact – it caused the actives to need to spend more time together (as they were required by PSU and local ordinance from having visitors and from going anywhere), which they have reported brought them closer.  As well as being President of the Alumni, I have been the Adviser for the actives.  During this time, I had the pleasure of working with a great executive board, most notably President Regis Capoferri, who was instrumental in steering the Kappa ship through the rough waters of the pandemic.   Also during this time, we held a virtual Homecoming and Founders Day, which were both received greatly by those who were able to attend.

Fraternity life still has a strong meaning to young men at PSU.  I am happy to be a part of carrying the experience forward for them, which also benefits the alumni – for as we collectively are able to continue the life and traditions of PSK-Kappa, we build and continue a legacy. 

Although there is more to tell you, I will stop for now and will leave with you a simple request.  If you are able, your support at this time would be greatly appreciated.  Your past support helped get us to this day.  Your help today will help sustain us as we go forward.

I look forward to seeing you and I would welcome hearing from you. 


Martin Barbato ‘79

President, The Phi Sigma Kappa Association - Kappa

P.S. Our giving year ends July 31. Please consider a contribution before then.