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Never before has a year been more anticipated than 2021. And obviously, we’re hoping that the New Year won’t bring more of 2020. 

So, let yourself dream for a minute. Has being surrounded by fellow Nittany Lions in a sea of blue and white at a football game ever been craved the way it is right now? Can’t you just hear the deafening roar of the fight song? Has a Penn State Homecoming bash ever sounded so epic? What wouldn’t you give to walk through a college campus reuniting with generations of Phi Sigma Kappa brothers? 

We can’t guarantee 2021 will bring all of it. But we’re daring you to think about the things that you can reengage in after the New Year. What are you looking forward to? What do you hope for? A Penn State sporting event? A 2021 Phi Sigma Kappa reunion? That concert at the Bryce Jordan Center that promised a 2021 rescheduling? While we can’t guarantee the future (as seen by the number of us that predicted this would be over by summer, fall, winter…) we can stop waiting to start living again. 

What are you going to do to make 2021 different? Plan it now so that 2020 doesn’t sneak into the New Year. 

As Kappa Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa alums, we are daring to plan for a better year. Here are some ideas to get you moving, involved, and engaged with your Phi Sigma Kappa brothers in 2021, even if we still start from behind a computer: 

  • Plan an event! Virtual or in-person. Give your brothers (and yourself) the opportunity to catch up. 
  • Check the Kappa Chapter website for any upcoming events at www.phisigpsu.com.
  • Use the directory or alumni locator map to reach out to old friends or connect via social media. Either way, just be intentional. 
  • Join the board. Fresh board members are extremely valuable to our alumni organization. Your expertise can be utilized! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for more information if you're interested. 
  • If your circumstances allow it, click here to donate. Our active brothers need us now more than ever. Thank you to each alum who has continued to generously show his support this giving year. Click here to see our 2020-21 Honor Roll of Donors. Add your name to the list today! 

Whatever excites you right now, at this moment, write it down and start the plan. Whether it's a trip back to State College with your Phi Sigma Kappa buddies or a casual Zoom reunion, don’t wait to start making 2021 a brighter year.