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From Strangers to Brothers

Our “Question of the Month” for September is: Who was your best friend during your first year with the Chapter?

We want to hear your stories but more importantly, we hope that perhaps in thinking about the young men you once were and the bonds you made during your first year with Kappa Chapter you might reach out to that one close friend and rekindle some of the connections you once had.

We become who we are in life by interacting with people. The most important people in that respect are the friends we made when we were young. They helped bring out of us the people we were meant to be, they taught us how to care about someone besides ourselves and they were there for us when no one else could help.

Please consider these things when submitting your answer this month. It is easy to lose touch with our best friends when our attention turns to our careers and families after college. Studies have actually shown that making time for friends as you age can actually lead to a longer life. We look forward to hearing your responses!