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One of our duties, not only as Alumni, but in life, is to pay it forward. We often get caught asking ourselves why we give to various organizations. Is it because it afforded us lifelong benefits? Friends? Most Phi Sgs would have a list a mile long if asked to list the many benefits they gained from Greek life at Penn State. As we wind down our 2017-2018 giving year, we'reo nce again asking, why do you give? A few alums weighed in with why they do. If you'd also like to make a contribution to Phi Sig today, click HERE

"When I joined Phi Sigma Kappa, I took seriously the obligations of brotherhood for life.  Kappa was not the chapter into which I was initiated, but I am fortunate to have benefited from the fraternal spirit of Kappa Brothers who invited me to affiliate with them during my graduate school years.  I was even more honored to be chosen to serve a term as chapter president.  I cherish the gift of brotherhood and do what I can to contribute to the opportunity of other men to benefit from the experience of Phi Sig Brotherhood that has meant so much to me"

"Penn State has always been a big part of my life.  As with most of us it was a transition period and one with many challenges.  Helping cope with these changes were my years as a Phi Sig. We had a wide variety of brothers and a great mix of academic, social and athletic capabilities.  Some of the brothers I met have become life long friends.  I would love to see the tradition of Phi Sigma Kappa continue, who knows maybe I'll have a grandson continue the "Bruno" name. "