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Phi Sig has a reputation of encouraging its brothers to be original. It is a fraternity that encourages its members to get involved and pursue their passions. Club athlete Jake Hollingsworth always knew he wanted to be part of this strong brotherhood—especially considering that his father was also a Phi Sig.

Why did you decide to join Phi Sigma Kappa?

I decided to join Phi Sigma Kappa because I found it was a place I could be myself and be surrounded by some of the best guys I know.

How do you find a balance between athletics, academics, and commitments to Phi Sigma Kappa?

Finding balance between clubs, academics and commitments to Phi Sig is pretty easy because it gives my day a lot of structure. By this I mean that I can be busy a lot of the time, but it keeps me occupied and motivated.

Has Phi Sigma Kappa given you any valuable insights that you were able to transition to your athletic team?

Being on club gymnastics and a member of Phi Sig has introduced me to the ability to network with many people and have different experiences than those just in a fraternity.

What impact did your father have on your decision to join Phi Sigma Kappa?

My father, Mark Hollingsworth, had a large impact on my decision to join Phi Sigma Kappa. He gained lifelong friends and made many memories from being a Phi Sig and I knew I wanted the same kind of experience.

Do you feel that your status as a legacy has strengthened your connection to Phi Sigma Kappa?

I feel, that as a legacy, it is somewhat of my duty to give back to the fraternity not only to carry on my fathers' legacy, but to create a legacy of my own.

What makes Phi Sigma Kappa stand out from other fraternities on campus?

Phi Sig is different than any other fraternity at Penn State because it is a place where everyone can be themselves, and that's why the brotherhood here is so strong.

How do you think being part of Phi Sigma Kappa will help you in the future?

Being a part of Phi Sigma Kappa will help me in the future because of the principles and values that we pride ourselves on. These values will help me become a better person and prosper throughout life.