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For freshman Ethan Kudler, Phi Sigma Kappa is more than just a brotherhood; it’s part of his bloodline. Ethan’s father, Seth Kudler, was an important contributing factor when it came time for Ethan to choose a fraternity. He hopes to have the same kind of experiences that his father was exposed to.

“From all the stories I’ve heard and seeing how it has shaped the man he is today; that’s something that I admire,” said Ethan.

Seth was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa at American University.

As an undergraduate Seth served as Clothing Chair, Spring Formal Chair, Fundraising Chair and Inductor. The Phi Sig brotherhood led Seth to meet his best friend, who also happens to be Ethan’s Godfather. After graduating in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, he went on to earn his Doctor of Law from the New York Law School. He is currently a partner at the Law Offices of Michael E. Pressman.

“We are not only bonded by blood, but now by brotherhood,” said Ethan.

In addition to serving as Phi Sig’s Social Chairman and Homecoming Chairman, Ethan is also part of the Penn State Hotel Restaurant Society. This club notifies Ethan of the companies that visit Penn State with internship opportunities. As a Hospitality Management major, Ethan finds this club to be very beneficial.

“It gives me the chance to broaden my spectrum of experience so I can truly be put into the professional field and gain the experience necessary to find the job that suits me,” he said.

As Ethan begins to think about his professional career after college, he knows that his involvement with Phi Sigma Kappa will set him apart from his peers. Many brothers that have come before him have gone on to accomplish big things.

“The lessons I have learned throughout my time involved in the brotherhood have, and will continue, to shape me into a successful man that will one day do great things,” he said.

When Ethan joined Phi Sig, he found a brotherhood that was more than just a fraternity, it was a family. He found a group of guys that truly care about each other. Despite the age difference of each class, everyone is treated with a mutual respect. They are a unified group of men that stand together for a common belief.

“Not many people can say that they have 70 people that would have their back in a heartbeat, but a Phi Sigma Kappa can,” he said.