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"My most interesting memory is of being fined for conduct unbecoming a Phi Sig for having a woman in for coffee in the kitchen with no House Mother present. Wonderful times with great guys! I recently met with Glenn Jones '67 and Joe Aita '66 and will hopefully soon see Joe Burt '66. I left 501 South Allen in May of 1966 to go to Med School at Hahnemann in Philly.

Joe Aita was the first from PSU to do this and I was the second, so we made history. I then did General Surgery training at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond and Cardiothoracic training in Milwaukee, WI, then four years in the US Navy at Bethesda, Portsmouth, and at Sea. In 1982 I took a job in Milwaukee and am now looking at retirement down the road. My home is on Kiawah Island SC near Charleston. I may do some training of Residents at the University Hospital in Charleston.

My older son, his wife, and their fraternal twins are in Pasadena, CA. My daughter and her husband are in Denver, CO, and are expecting their first child. My younger son is in Milwaukee and looking for an Engineering job. I have been divorced for a long time but now have a great relationship with someone I met in High School and have known forever. That also involves Phi Sig  and is interesting but I will share it only if anyone is interested. I played Rugby for 19 years starting in Philly and then Refereed for 15 years and now I Coach and Evaluate Referees. Took up Golf about 12 years ago. Damm difficult but I love to be out. I love History and suck up everything everywhere I can. Have traveled all around the World and have seen much. Anyone can give me a call anytime at 414-339-5119.