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My favorite memory is the great flagpole erection – putting up a since-departed flagpole in front of the house.

I still keep in touch regulary with Fred Warman ’60, and sometimes with John Lloyd ’62. Fred DeCock ’80, has become my partner in crime at Hershey Med.

After graduation I went to Lower Dauphin HS for a 15 year career in education. I went from teaching history to becoming the Dean of Gasoline (Driver’s Ed). I also established myself as a "semi legend" in baseball coaching circles, helping build one of Mid Penn's best programs. This led to 34 years in professional baseball in various positions in scouting and player development. I got three World Series rings, one with St. Louis and two with Toronto. I "retired" following the 2015 season. Hard to retire if you never really worked. I live in Hummelstown, PA with my wife of 28 years, my honey and my sweetie, Susan, a Delta Gamma and also a PSU alumna.