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About 20 Phi Sigs met at the House between Thursday, July 21st and Sunday, July 24th to give 501 S. Allen Street a facelift.  There were 7 or 8 Actives who chipped in and did a wonderful job helping the Alums spruce things up. Several contractors contributed technical support.  Here's a small sample of the tasks that were completed.

Special thanks to David Hyland '80 for coordinating all the work and the manpower which made the event so successful.

The living room, dining room and foyer walls have been washed, touched-up and painted. The dining room ceiling was washed. The furniture has been cleaned, repaired and refinished. The kitchen was completely emptied, cleaned, walls and ceiling washed and then repainted. New tables and chairs have been purchased for the dining room. The basement walls, ceiling and woodwork have been prepped for refinishing and repainting. This will be done by a contractor.  The bar area was cleaned and a new cabinet and counter top were installed. A new refrigerator is on order.  Both water heaters are running and we purchased a back-up unit for when the second original unit dies. The AC is being repaired to resolve problems on two cooling zones. The shed and several storage closets were cleaned out and look great. Bushes were trimmed, the rear of the house was power washed and the yard was cleaned up.  

Once again, the camaraderie of getting new and old friends together to make something happen was very gratifying for all, even in the 90 degree heat. Congratulations to the Actives who helped and really did an outstanding job on some less than desirable jobs.