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John Urschel, the former 300-pound Nittany Lion guard and current Baltimore Raven is boosting his resume a bit this offseason.

Not only is he competing for a starting job on the Raven’s roster, he’s also begun work on his PhD at MIT.

As if that weren’t enough, Urschel announced he would be the commencement speaker for the Penn State College of Science May 7. Urschel will address the crowd in the 16,000-seat Bryce Jordan Center and said via Twitter “Of all the honors I have received, this means the most.”

Only graduating four years ago, Urschel is a perfect example of the blood that runs through Happy Valley. Excelling in the classroom and on the gridiron, he gives us all an example of why we are so proud to live, work, and play in our paradise at the foot of Mount Nittany.

Kappa Chapter Alumni, this same blood runs through your veins. In addition, much as Urschel did during his tenure at PSU, you too, must do some heavy lifting, if Kappa chapter is to continue in the future.

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