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This year, the active members of Kappa Chapter have had a rather full plate. This past fall, we inducted 18 quality members to join the ranks of our brotherhood.  Meanwhile, this spring, we have 6 quality associates who are currently earning their way into the house as they learn about both our tradition and rituals.

Kappa chapter has also made many strides within the community this year, including breaking our personal fundraising record for THON with a grand total of $51,478.15. Thanks to our strong total, we have managed to secure a THON partner with sorority Phi Sigma Rho for THON 2016.

This year, we have also started novel efforts in contributing to this summer's Special Olympics as part of a national Phi Sigma Kappa effort lead by the Grand Chapter. To raise money for the Special Olympics, we organized a Battle of the Bands at the house consisting of ten bands. Between the proceeds from the event and the direct donations we received, we have currently raised $1,151 toward our final goal $2,500.

The 32nd annual Kappa Chapter Superstars was held to raise money for the National Leukemia Society. With the help of ten sponsors, we were chasing our record of $5,000. Thank you, Alumni, for your previous donations!

While we have been making a strong effort philanthropically this year, the alumni have also made many charitable donations that have greatly improved the house. New furniture, cabinets, and other amenities provided to us by the alumni have made a significantly positive change in the general atmosphere of the house by making the first floor a place where people want to hangout. The house is on a current upward trend and we couldn't be happier!

Damn proud!