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Here’s to the Men of the Year and the Superstars! This spring’s Men of the Year were recently honored at the Founder’s Day reception and dinner, while the Phi Sig Superstars began raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Phi Sig "Men of the Year" Awards

On March 21st, at our annual Founder's Day reception and dinner, two of our Brothers were honored as "Men of the Year".  Joe Mazziotti, who served as Chapter Treasurer for several terms, graduated last December and is now interning at IBM before he enrolls in a special MBA program at PSU, was the "Active of the Year".  Dick Doherty ’58, long time Board Member and President of the Board for many, many years, was honored as "Alumni of the Year".  Each received a plaque honoring their achievements.  

32nd Annual Phi Sig Superstars

Kappa Chapter actives are once again hosting this event, which has raised over $275,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in memory of Brother Vincent Scott Sandoe, who was taken from us after a difficult battle with leukemia. The event is hosted at the Kappa Chapter House. If you can contribute to this worthy cause, please send your check made out to "Phi Sigma Kappa" to:

Sal Mastrobattista
501 S. Allen St.
State College, PA 16801

Be sure to add "Superstars" on the memo line.

Phi Sig in the news

As you have probably heard, Phi Sig was suspended for a short period of time this semester. We've had to keep things close to the vest while the investigation played out, but we are happy to report to you that the incident investigation is nearing an end. In short, the allegations were found to be nowhere near as egregious as reported. The active chapter brothers filed the report to the State College Police Department within 24 hours of learning of the allegation and cooperated fully with them. This was one of the fastest reported incidents at the University in recent memory; many take weeks to be reported.

The State College Police Department detective noted that, in his 25 years of service, he had never had more cooperation from a fraternity than he did on this case. The IFC suspended the chapter for 2 weeks for "related" violations of social policy, and they were successful in working out a mutually satisfying agreement at their judicial board hearing last week. The allegations were brought against a male guest of one of the brothers, and no brothers were involved.

We are very proud of the swift action that the brotherhood took to report the incident and work with the SCPD to complete a successful investigation.

We are also engaging with the University Task Force that has been established to review the Greek system. As proud alumni and concerned parents, we want the Greek experience we had to be reinvigorated and to be as beneficial to current members as it has been for many of us.

The news is nothing but good for Phi Sigma Kappa. We are facing a bright future, and so are the Men of the Year and the Phi Sig Superstars. All is well in Happy Valley.