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See how we stacked up!

As most Phi Sig brothers know, Penn State is a prestigious and well-known university to attend. However, many have asked: “Where does Happy Valley rank in the spectrum of things?”


Well the numbers are in and State College is really well ranked! Out of all the rankings, here are the more surprising results:

Psychology Today ranked State College as “The Least Stressful City” in the United States

The study was based on was based on suicide, alcoholism, crime rate, and divorce. We suppose Happy Valley is really happy!

Lumosity ranks State College as #2 “Smartest City” in the United States

Lumosity ranks State College at number two based on de-identified data from 3 million players of its Lumosity games. The data objectively measured real differences in cognitive performance across geographic areas by examining scores from users’ first few sessions playing games across five cognitive areas: memory, processing speed, flexibility, attention and problem solving.  

Movoto ranks State College as #1 Happiest Small Place in America

Citing low stress, low commute and walkability and home owners, Movoto declared that Happy Valley is truly the happiest! 


And this is all just a little taste! To find more ways that State College excels, click here!