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On Saturday, August 9, 11 alumni showed up at 501 S. Allen Street to take care of some jobs in preparation of the new fall semester and Homecoming. It was a great day of camaraderie, and a lot of tasks were completed by the talented work group. Everyone felt good about contributing to the improvement in the look of the house.

Those who participated included David Hyland ’80, Ben Jarmul ’81, Stan Lapek ’81, Fred (’80) and Gary (’83) DeCock, Keith Whitman ’80, Bob Romeiser ’81, Bill Warfel ’71, Dan Stearns ’73, Doug Arnold ’70 and Bruce Balmat ’70. Naturally, refreshments were served. Many came prepared with equipment and supplies to complete some critical projects: 

  • Painted the white parts of the downstairs walls and the entryway by the first floor bathroom. 
  • Power-washed the exterior steps and entryway to the party room. 
  • Constructed a new, round, heavy duty Whales Tales table for the party room (see photo above). 
  • Painted a couple of basement tables, the front door with surrounding white trim and a metal door in the basement. 
  • Discarded quite a bit of junk in basement storage rooms and around the exterior of the house.
  • Trimmed hedges and shrubs, removed noxious weeds and plant material, pruned trees and filled a dumpster with the cuttings.   
  • Thorougly cleaned the basement floors.
  • Properly reinstalled speaker wires that were in the basement.
  • There were other jobs done by people who saw what was needed and just did it.

CLICK HERE to see the photo album from the day. Thanks to all these folks for a job well done. You will be impressed with the look of the house … inside and out.