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Every five years, Phi Sigs from 1973 (plus or minus a few years) meet at Penn State to renew friendships and relive their times at 501 S. Allen St. This year, over 20 people gathered at Whiskers for refreshments, at the Elk Creek Cafe for lunch and craft beer, at the House for an excellent and humorous slideshow, at Champs for dinner and to watch PSU get trounced by Ohio State, and at the home of Melinda and Dan Stearns '73 house for a wonderful buffet breakfast the following morning.

Many thanks to Dan, who was the prime organizer (again) for this event. Emails from brothers in the weeks afterward have unanimously concluded that this was an outstanding weekend.

During the weekend, Bill Albertson '73 made an impassioned plea for donations to help complete the Red Shutter project. He received several donations on the spot and we are well on our way to getting new red shutters for the House. But we still need financial support from brothers of all eras to bring this project to fruition. See the article on page 2 for how to show your support.

If you are a Phi Sig from a different class that periodically gets together with a group of brothers from your era, we want to hear your stories too. It's lots of fun to keep up with each other over the years and to continue to harass each other.