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Gorman, James "Jim" Posted: 8/8/2012 11:05:24 AM
Class of 1966

Jim at 68

Well, I'm now solidly in my 60's and still working as an estate planning attorney in Orange County, CA. My youngest son Brian is getting married in September (in Italy of all places) so all my children are settled and I can start to relax. Just playing some golf and looking for serenity.

Newell, Richard "Rich" Posted: 5/8/2012 8:16:34 AM
Class of 1968 Posted by an administrator

I am a first time grandfather as of April 18, 2011- Kade Dylan Myers

Hepler, Curtis Posted: 5/8/2012 8:16:32 AM
Class of 1964 Posted by an administrator

My wife, Shirley, and I are both retired now from teaching and in The Black Angus cattle business with our sons and grandsons. We are enjoying life in the endless mountains of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. I have not heard from any former Phi Sigs in the era of 1960-66 lately.

Caspero, John Posted: 4/13/2012 4:06:50 PM
Class of 1961

Adding to the Best Family Legacy....
An additional Father/Son Kappa President combination was John F. Caspero, Jr., class '61 and John F. Caspero, III, class '86. In addition to both being President of Kappa in their senior year, both were Bus. Ad. majors, both were in NROTC, and both married PSU coeds! Special fact:father John participated in son John's initiation ritual but declined to 'streak' to the convenience store during the post-initiation party!
Any other Father/Son combos out there?

Pasquini, Leonard "Len" Modified: 6/8/2011 1:30:25 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

After 38 years as a professional nuclear engineer, I retired in January 2004 as Executive Vice President and Director of Nuclear Technology, Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc. After 42 years I still proudly wear my Penn State college ring with Phi Sigma Kappa (Greek letters) engraved on the stone and always remember that it stands for Brotherhood, Scholarship and Character.

Caspero, John Posted: 4/4/2011 12:50:07 PM
Class of 1961

Phi Sigs Forever

Bear Kohler was feted, toasted, saluted and roasted at his retirement in November, 2006. Here he hangs out with a couple of "Johns".

Fusaro, Anthony Posted: 3/1/2011 6:27:29 PM

Tony Fusaro (AFF)
Executive Director, Talbot House Ministries, Lakeland, FL. Providing shelter, recovery program, educational and spiritual support, job skills training, medical/dental care, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing for the homeless.

Swank, Michael "Doc" Posted: 1/31/2011 3:17:07 PM
Class of 1967

The photo in the Archives in Jan. prompts me to give an interesting Phi Sig history. Had I not went to Med School in 1966 I would have been in the photo with Tom Wylonis and Frank Zaylskus( now Zayle. All three of us graduted High School together in 1963.I was the second student at Penn State to go to Med School after 3 years.Joe Aieta another Phi Sig preceeded me.Another First by PhiSig. I finally received a Penn State Degree in 1983 but that is another story.I work in Milwaukee WI as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon but my home is in Kiawah Island SC.

Barton, Roger Posted: 10/13/2010 3:35:17 PM
Class of 1969

Still live in Harrisburg, Pa. Retired after 37 years with the Pa. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Married to Jorja, 38 years, with kids Emily and her family in Hershey and Scott in San Francisco. I'm on the Phi Sig Alumni Board and have had the pleasure of also being in State College alot for my work and our kids matriculation. I often see Dick Richardson, Jack Lloyd, Rich Newell, and Steve Brose, and have spent time again with other brothers from the past and have met many other great Phi Sigs recently thru the Board work and fraternity functions. I sincererly hope that many brothers can make a visit to the new house and get to meet the actives. I witnessed an enormous effort in rebuilding the House, but also in reestablishing the ideals of the chapter. Our place is again a fraternity.

Pasquini, Leonard "Len" Posted: 5/5/2010 3:44:45 PM
Class of 1966

Len with wife Mary, Christmas 2009

To All My Brothers Past, Present and Future:

Much of what I am today in character was polished by my brothers that took a pledge and made me an active, now I'm retired. I read the updates of past brothers and remember well our times together and appreciate their accomplishments in life and wish them continued success.

I've had the good future to visit PSU every year for the last 15 years (traveling from Denver, CO) to attend alumni meetings of my nuclear engineering college. The campus has grown, but is just as beautiful as my freshman year in 1962. I'm able to sit on the same benches at the HUB and recall my days going to classes from East Halls to the far west side of campus.

In the past few years I've been able to visit with my house room mate, Chuck Grogan, attend his daughter's wedding, and visit with brother Gene Ott and his wife Merrie at the B/W games. I've been able to stay in touch with others by email; Flork, Glenn Jones, Joe Aita, Gwynne Jones. They have updated me on their contacts from our graduation class. Again, I'm thankful to all my brothers for their friendships that is now 48 years old.

I have 3 married children and 7 grand children. I hope someday to have at least one of my grand children attend PSU. My middle child, Kristin, was born at PSU in 1973 when I was in grad school.

May we all enjoy the fruits of our labor and remember: (PHI-SIGMA-KAPPA) Brohterhood, Schlorship and Character that I so proudly wear on my ring over the last 48 years.

Len Pasquini, '66,'74

Jones, Glenn Modified: 1/8/2010 1:03:02 PM
Class of 1967 Posted by an administrator

If traveling to Northern California- Bay Area: Please call so we can share a glass of vino & old stories, and some new ones. Bring your golf clubs, too.

UPDATE: So 2010 has arrived, and so much to be thankful for! Had NYE celebration with Deano & Judy; well OK, maybe it was early evening celebration & we all headed home for safe abodes. Too much fun away! Flork & Deano & spouses visited us ( Jones' & Aitas) recently in Northern CA, and the state survived. I think we may have eaten all the oysters available in Tomales Bay though. Too many stories.

Also had delightful dinner with Jerry Kiger & Lorraine over the Holidays- more stories!

Next year Burts are going to visit- I have faith! Joe caught me my first fish ever, at his plantation on Dataw Island, SC- I am indebted to that master forever!

Too many stories- visit & let's catch up!

Atkinson, Barry "Bar" Modified: 12/1/2009 10:20:38 PM
Class of 1962

"Cuishan" - Nanning, China 2007

From Barry Atkinson - '62

Some news... which will hopefully be happening within the next couple months. I am going to marry a super, lovely lady, Cuishan Nong, from Nanning, Guangxi, China. She is the loveliest lady I have ever met.

I went to Nanning, Guangxi, China. to spend over three weeks with Cuishan. What a fantastic trip and stay. The people are all so friendly and happy to see a foreigner. Nanning City is South of Shanghai and
East, not far (300 miles) from North Vietnam.

We hope - to visit Phi Sigma Kappa in the spring... B&W game.
She has never seen a football game - let alone such a large University campus.

Unfortunately Cui Shan was unable to get an approved visa during the years 2007 - June of 2008. I went back Jan, Feb and March of 2009, after much red tape and aggravation with the American Consulate in Guanzhou, China. We would have to appeal and re-apply. This would take another 9 to 18 months. My visit with Cui Shan was super. We traveled to several distant places and saw many, many wonderful sites.

I stayed with her and her son - met her family and Shan would cook for her family most every night. Fantastic food. Not quite like American Chinese food. I purchased an electric motor scooter for her and I to ride to local spots. One American dollar equals 6.75 Yuan. bought it for $350 american. Over here it would cost $1,500 - $2,200. The Chinese walk everywhere, many times 5-6 miles to just get to work. At my age, the scooter fit the bill. Of course there are thousands of cycles, bi-cycles, scooters, cars, buses, carts and taxis.

So I returned quite happy about my trip etc., but not about our potential married situation. It is now Dec. 2, 2009 and we are still in love,
but nothing has been heard from the Consulate here in US nor in China. As a matter of fact, just today, I called her and it was, again, so great to hear her voice. Yes! She does speak "some" English. But not difficult to communicate. She wants me to come and live with her in china and get married there. I am so tempted to do just that. We shall see. Beings the present situation financially in the US, it may not be a bad idea. It is fantastic over there. Will keep you posted. Any questions send email to: >>> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <<< .

Barry '62

Nonini, Richard Posted: 8/26/2008 8:51:49 AM
Class of 1969 Posted by an administrator

I have been married to my wife Nancy for 31 years. I have worked at Lockheed Martin for almost 35 years. My daughter, Elisa, graduated from Penn State in 2006 and my son, Scott, will graduate from the University of Wisconsin,Madison next fall. We have been in Minnesota for 17 years and no longer complain about the winter.

Fusaro, Anthony Posted: 8/26/2008 8:51:49 AM
Posted by an administrator

I am now retired from university teaching and administration, but continue to work as Director of Development for a combination homeless shelter/recovery center/medical clinic for the poor in Lakeland, Florida. Maria and I have three grown children and four grandchildren, and take the opportunity to travel when we can.

Landis, Robert Posted: 8/26/2008 8:51:48 AM
Class of 1963 Posted by an administrator

I was just elected to the Penn State Alumni Council. Thanks to all the brothers that voted for me.

Schnure, Donald Posted: 7/5/2007 8:01:29 AM
Class of 1964

Retired in June 2007 and am now living in Lewisburg, PA, 50 miles east of State College. On football weekends, tailgate with John and Donna Diercks who are retired and living in State College.

Plan to spend August in Montana fishing and about 6 weeks this winter visiting my older daughter and her husband in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia who live in their house near the beach there "managing their investments" . My other three children live in NJ.

Gorman, James "Jim" Modified: 12/21/2006 6:49:05 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

Jim at 60

I am a grandfather for the 5th time. My son, Jamie and his wife Meg had Bridgette born in 3/06. He also has two sons, Connell and Aiden. They live in Okinawa, Japan where Jamie is a Surgeon. My daughter Meg, is a retired teacher (at age 36) with a son Andrew and daughter, Caroline and sheand husband Steve live in Baltimore, Md.

Noble, William Modified: 10/15/2006 10:14:41 PM
Class of 1964 Posted by an administrator

The year 2003 promises to be filled with much hope and excitement for our family. Scott, our son, announced over the summer that he proposed to his girfriend, Bianca Regalado will be getting married in April . They are presently looking to buy a home in the Dallas area. Our daughter, Kristin, and her husband, Stacy, are expecting our first grandbaby any day now. We are all so excited! Megan, our other daughter, is about to enter her last semester at of professional theatre training at the University of Delaware. So in addition to a wedding and and new baby, we will have a graduation to attend. Margie and I have decided to complicate life even more by remodeling our house. I think we should have our heads examined, but hopefull the end result will be worth is. We wish you all as very safe, peacful and healthy 2003!

Rodwell, Keith "Keith" Modified: 10/15/2006 10:02:45 PM
Class of 1969 Posted by an administrator

After about a decade of teaching elementary school, I finally decided to become a full time pain-in-the-house. Hanging up the red pen in January has given me an opportunity to help Diane out in her thriving business and, more importantly, play more tennis.Now I've got to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life...maybe I'll decide later.

Gingerich, Michael Modified: 10/15/2006 9:28:26 PM
Class of 1968 Posted by an administrator

Been practicing as a CPA in York for 34 years; also elected County Controller. Planning on retiring in a few years. Still married to Joyce; two children and two grandchildren. Have single digit handicap! Personal website.

McLure, Ben Modified: 10/15/2006 9:26:45 PM
Class of 1962 Posted by an administrator

During a 20-year career as a teacher and coach at Lower Dauphin High School in Hummelstown, Pa., I was satisfied with my position as dean of gasoline (driver ed instructor) and had achieved ""marginal legend"" status as baseball coach. We had one of the most successful programs in Central Pennsylvania.In 1983, I got a chance to become a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays. For the next 20 years, I was an area scout patrolling Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, West Virginia and Maryland. The reward was four players to the Big Leagues and two World Series rings.In 2000, I made a change to pro scouting with the San Diego Padres where I now cover the eastern, international leagues, parts of the South Atlantic and Carolina Leagues during the regular season. Also three major league teams are covered by me in spring training, and I wrap up the season with a tour of the Dominican Republic Winter League.From the driver ed car to the ball yard, I'm now getting paid to watch baseball games.

Ott, Gene Modified: 10/15/2006 9:25:54 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

Enjoyed hearing about ""Bear's"" retirement. I have just completed several years as CFO of Fork Union Military Academy. Merrie (PSU '65) and I live at Lake Monticello outside Charlottesville, Va. We have two grown children and six grandchildren. We like to travel and have been blessed in Christian walk, family friends and home. Still live and die with PSU football.

Schnure, Donald Modified: 10/15/2006 12:18:51 PM
Class of 1964 Posted by an administrator

Have been spending the past 16 years keeping the lights on in various parts of the world by financing power projects for PSEG Global in the U.S. and various foreign countries including Argentina, Chile, Peru and California. We tried to bail Gray Davis out by building three new power plants over the past two years in California, but he kept trying to bite the hand that was helping him. Now it looks like he might be terminated by the Terminator. On Sept. 6, my elder daughter who went ""bad"" by becoming a litigation attorney will be compounding her mistake by marrying a bankruptcy attorney. The saving grace is that he's an Aussie, an extraordinary surfer and bicycle racer and a helluva good guy. They live on the Hudson River at Tribeca Pointe near the World Trade Center site and will be married in an adjacent park by a federal judge. My elder son works in derivatives and lives near me in New Jersey with his wife and infant son (my first grandchild) while my younger son works on the New Jersey Senate Republican staff and is planning for his wedding next June. My younger daughter lives in Manhattan on the Upper West Side, works in the Empire State Building and is dating a Penn Stater. Finally got season Penn State football tickets last year for the first time and plan to make all the 2003 games except BC on Sept. 6th when my daughter is getting married. Will be tailgating regularly in reserved parking space 1428 in the Red Lot south of the stadium, so stop on by if you're in the area.

Smith, Edward Modified: 10/15/2006 12:13:11 PM
Class of 1969 Posted by an administrator

I am trying to retire, sell my landscaping business, and move up to my new farm in Benton, Pa., and raise rare breeds of chickens and cattle with mad cow disease. I have three grown children and Im ready for a change in lifestyle. I would love to hear from pledge brothers.

McLure, Ben Modified: 10/15/2006 12:04:13 PM
Class of 1962 Posted by an administrator

Left the wonderful world of education in 1982 to scout for Blue Jays. Eighteen years and two World Series rings later I started the new millenium with the Padres as a Pro Scout. No more pain-in the-ass parents, agents, coaches etc to deal with. I cover the Eastern League, International League, American League East during the regular season and then the FL Instructional League and the Dominican Republic Winter League. Am headed to Lakeland, FL on Feb 25 to spend the month of March with the Indians, Tigers and Royals.Email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please explain to Reeder that the area code for Manchester, PA is 717, not 570.

Newell, Richard "Rich" Modified: 10/15/2006 12:01:07 PM
Class of 1968 Posted by an administrator

Married to Sue Stigelmeier May 18th. Now flying Boeing 767 internationally for Continental Airlines. Hope for a big turnout at Homecoming 2002!

Pasquini, Leonard "Len" Modified: 10/15/2006 12:00:24 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

Recently assigned to the Los Alamos National Laboratory at Director of Operations. The lab invented the Atomic Bomb and now has the mission of National and Global Threat Reduction to Terrorism. Will have three grandchildren by January, 2003. Still reside in Denver and intend to retire at the end of 2003.

Newell, Richard "Rich" Modified: 10/15/2006 11:53:27 AM
Class of 1968 Posted by an administrator

I appreciate the time, effort, and expense Dick and Matt go thru to set up the tailgate. However, I and some others with whom I have spoken, would still really like to see some sort of activity at the ""house"". A big part of our PSU and Phi Sig experience revolved around the house and just stepping thru those doors again means a lot. Rich Newell '68

Noble, William Modified: 10/13/2006 3:54:09 PM
Class of 1964 Posted by an administrator

The Noble Family is doing well with all of us pursuing varied career and charitable interests. Scott received his B.S. in Computer Engineering and masters in Telecommunications from Southern Methodist University. He has worked at Nortel, Cisco Systems in San Jose, and is now back in DAllas working with a computer startup company called Transat International Inc. Kristin and Stacy have been married for five years and bought their first home only 20 minutes away from us. Kristen teaches in elementary school education. Stacy is a Loan Officer with his company, Texas Bank. He also received his MBA from the University of Texas - Arling. Kristen and Stacy have a labrador retriever who is at long last beginning to show signs of calming down and acting less like a freight train. They are expecting their first child in January making us grandparents for the first time. That brings us to our last child, Megan who at 25 will be starting her last year of a three-year Intensive Professional Theatre Training Program at the University of Delaware, leading to a Masters of Fine Arts in acting. Her real love is classical acting - especially Shakespeare. Last summer she was studying abroad in Cyprus where she was the lead role in the play ""Medea"". This summer she is acting at the Utah Shakespeare festival in Cedar City, Utah. Margie and I are indeed very proud of all of our kids' accomplishments. As for Margie, she continues to work part-time at a state-licensed counselor, working with troubled kids and families. It is very stressful and often very tragic to hear some of the unusual cases she gets. Her other big activity is her volunteer work for Mission Arlington - a very unique example of the faith-based initiatives that President Bush has been pushing. We also support this out-reach program financially and through our church.I guess that just leaves me. I continue to enjoy my work as a contract consultant for a Fort Worth investment company which controls or

Aita, S. Joseph Modified: 10/13/2006 3:47:52 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

Donna and I are retired and loving it in Napa. I would love to hear from Charlie Preece '66 and Joe Burt '66.

Ott, Gene Modified: 10/13/2006 3:47:05 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

Enjoyed hearing about ""Bears"" retirement. I have just completed several years as CFO of Fork Union Military Academy. Merrie (PSU '65) and I live at Lake Monticello outside Charlottesville, VA. Two grown children and six grandchildren. We like to travel and have been blessed in Christian walk, family, friends and home. Still live and die with PSU football. Will be at homecoming.

Pasquini, Leonard "Len" Modified: 10/13/2006 3:32:58 PM
Class of 1966 Posted by an administrator

Im retired, teaching graduate school and coaching high school soccer. I have four grandchildren.My favorite memories: Catching Thomas Florkiewicz 66 pounding on the ceiling of my bedroom roof from the second floor. He was fined 50-cents for making noise after 10:00 p.m. Also, Don (65) Schnures talk when he had too much to drink.