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Founders Day a Great Success

By Dick Doherty '58, President

The fraternity is alive and well! "Hail the ever-growing throng."

On Saturday, March 16, we celebrated Founders Day at Kappa Chapter. It was the 103rd anniversary of the chapter and the 75th anniversary of the construction of the house. The event was well attended by alumni from several decades and their guests, as well as by undergraduate members.

After dinner, two alumni received awards for their services to the chapter. Matt Hilbert '81 was given a presentation rosewood and brass clock with an appropriate inscription for his long and faithful service as president of the alumni board. Many thanks, Matt, for a job well done.

The other award of appreciation, an engraved acrylic waterfall, was presented to Leo Johnson AIA '58 for giving many hours of his professional time to complete a detailed physical assessment of the house. He also has floor plans and a detailed set of specifications for the possible renovation of the chapter house. Many thanks, Leo, for donating so many professional hours to this project.

The rest of the evening was given over to a great deal of socializing and to new and old friendships. All alumni who attended received a memento of the 75-year-old chapter house - a unique, ceramic ornament of the house (shown above).

Sunday, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day), saw some of us having brunch at the Nittany Lion Inn. Thanks again to all who joined us, including senator Bob Thompson '59 and his wife, Nancy. Local alumnus Adam Weaver '90 and his wife, Veronica, were there, along with Carol and John Maslin '86, who were winding up a getaway weekend. Most people departed before the snow arrived!

The board met after lunch, voting Adam Weaver '90 to the board. We also appointed Mike Vereb '91 as chairman of homecoming/fun for the next year. Homecoming ideas may be sent to Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 814-833-4561.

We hope to see many more of you in the fall.

Founders Day Attendees were...

Dick Doherty '58
Leo Johnson '58
Harry Jones '58
Bob "Bear" Koehler '58
Linda and Clif Merchant '58
Nancy and senator Bob Thompson '59
Barb and Geoff Brugler '72
Melinda and Dan Stearns '73
Matt Hilbert '81
Carol and John Maslin '86
Veronica and Adam Weaver '90
Michael Vereb '91
Marc Cammarata '93
David Muntner '94
Richard Liebscher '96
Amy and Jeremy Frank '97
Tom McClure '97 and Jennifer

Quotes from those who attended...

Clif Merchant '58
"There were a lot of people there, and we certainly enjoyed seeing them and getting caught up with what was going on in their lives. I thought it was a very nice affair, well thought out and planned."

John Maslin '86
"It was a great weekend. The turnout from the class of '58 was tremendous, and their enthusiasm was contagious. It was great to see the house and Penn State. I hope that for homecoming we have a better turnout from my era. I encourage all brothers from my era to come back in the fall."

Bob Thompson '59
"It was a great event. I was glad to get the opportunity to see so many people, some of whom I hadn't seen since graduation. Some brothers I saw were Leo Mullins, Robert Koehler '58, Clif Merchant '58 and Harry Jones '58."