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2002 Homecoming Tailgate a Big Success

2002 Homecoming Tailgate a Big Success
Author: Dick Doherty '58, Alumni Board President

Hail the ever-growing throng! We had a great turnout for Kappa's first tailgate, as 32 brothers signed in with guests for a total of about 55 visitors.

Brother Bill Lamberton '48 was probably the most senior alum. We hope to see more senior members in the future. Even though the weather was not great, everyone had a good time. The big win by our Lions did not hurt, either.
A big hand goes out to Michael Vereb '91 and his wife for the planning and great food. There was plenty of food for all. What started slowly with only a few responses quickly grew in numbers to make for a great event.

Several people returned after the game for food and coffee before they headed home. This gives the parking lots a chance to empty. Another big thanks goes to Matt Hilbert '81 for use of his RV. He also supplied food and a great deal of cooking. Dynamite shrimp, Matt! The Bruglers (Geoff '72) provided food and help. We hope this is something you all want to see in the future. If a Homecoming tailgate continues to have this kind of support, we will continue. Let us know what you think. Drop me an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We had an impromptu golf-driving contest. The winner (whoever you are) hit the silo on the nearest barn. Let us know who won, and we will come up with an award.

There was talk of a possible event around the Blue-White game in the spring. Any interest? Give me a call at (410) 757-6324 or drop me an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stay tuned for more events, including Founders Day 2003. Get your e-mail address in to us to keep up with the chapter via the monthly e-letter. Thanks again for the support, and to all who attended, it was great to meet with you!

Following is a list of Kappas who signed in at our Homecoming tailgate. We hope to see many more at Homecoming 2003!

John and Joyce Benedict '74
Dick Doherty '58
Mark Rudalavage '82
Harry Jones '58
Joe Wachs '97
Matt Hilbert '81
Jeremy Frank '97
Bill Lamberton '49
Mark Riley '91
Gene Auman '75
Paul Vannatta '94
J. Barrett Donovan '94
Robert Hughes '94
Edric Fetter '94
J. Greg Donovan '94
Steve Schmidt '93
Adam Graswick '00
Todd Polechko '92
Michael Vereb '91
Michael Baron '01
Clif Merchant '58
Keith Woodward '94
Tom McClure '97
Rich Newell '68
Steve Brose '69
Bob Landis '63
Don Schnure '64
Dick Schnure '63
Keith Whitman '80
Geoff Brugler '72