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New Phi Sigs Mean New Generation for Kappa

New Phi Sigs Mean New Generation for Kappa
Author: Travis Craig

Being a member of the Kappa chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa and having the chance to live in the house for my first time this semester, I thought I would inform you of our progress over the past year. First of all, this semester brought the passing of the torch from an older generation of Phi Sigs to a younger one, with 15 new brothers living in the house. This gives the house a young, enthusiastic feeling as we stride toward the future. This feeling carried into Thon, where we raised over $12,000 for Penn State's annual dance marathon, an event that raises money for cancer research.

In regard to house life, we recently refurbished our living room, getting new couches and a big-screen television. This has allowed for a big improvement in our promotion of brotherhood, as we now have a room that everyone can enjoy and gather in regularly, especially for Monday Night Football. It appears as though all problems with our dining program have been solved with the hiring of a caterer to cook us lunch and dinner, and our recently renovated kitchen makes that job that much easier.
We are very pleased with the situation here at the Kappa Chapter and are excited for the future, especially our new members who are affiliating this fall. We encourage them in their journey into brotherhood.