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The Buzz About Kappa

The Buzz About Kappa
Author: Jason M. Phillips, Chapter President

Greetings from Phi Sigma Kappa, Kappa Chapter; with only seven weeks down, it has already been a very exciting and enthusiastic semester. The morale of the house this semester is higher now than it has been in recent years past.

I am delighted to announce that our recruitment season was better than it has been in close to 20 years with 20 new affiliates accepting bids. After only one week of pledging, the new affiliates have already shown enormous potential to be future leaders of the house.

The semester started on a great note with our workweek in late August. We managed to get the back of the house repainted to a silver-gray color which matches the rest of the house much better than the previous tan color. Also, the ceilings in the basement were repainted and the deck was power washed clean.

We were also pleased to learn that as a house Phi Sig had a cumulative GPA of 3.0, which ranked the house 14th out of 59 other fraternities on campus. This is quite an impressive feat considering the fact that we are competing against a number of professional fraternities that concentrate strictly on scholarship.

Homecoming week was a success as well. We were partners with the ladies Club Lacrosse team. A week of partying and building our "Top Gun" float was a great time. The girls loved every night, and the brothers enjoyed building the float.

This past weekend, the house took part in a retreat at Sunset Park. We had a great showing with excellent weather. This previous tradition was picked up once again for the first time in nearly 15 years. Lead by Jeff McGraw '83, the brothers took part in active discussions about ways to improve the house and enjoyed a few pick up games of basketball and football.

With only eight weeks left in the semester, we look forward to canning trips to raise money for the Dance MaraTHON and Superstars, both held in the spring. As president, I am thrilled to lead such a great group of guys this semester, and I can say that we are headed in a fantastic direction. I can honestly say there is a buzz around this house that hasn't been felt for years. Damn Proud!