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Reflections on the Quarterbrain Reunion of 2003

Reflections on the Quarterbrain Reunion of 2003
Author: John "Wally" Maslin '86

The Quarterbrain Homecoming Reunion began with an R.V. ride from Washington, D.C. to State College with stops to pick up brothers along the way. Jon Hillis '87 began the journey, and John "Wally" Maslin '86, Jay Stelacone '86, Tom Gresham '87, John Caspero '86 and John Duda '87 joined en route. (For the record, Tom is not a Quarterbrain but we were glad to have him along for the celebration.)

The Quarterbrains pledged in the fall of 1983, thus celebrating their 20th anniversary this fall. The Quarterbrain name relates to the size of our pledge class. We were a class of 16, and brothers at the time often pointed out that it would take four pledges to do the work of one brother ... or four pledges to do anything that one brother could do. The Quarterbrains certainly got their revenge in the long run because we were by far the largest class in our time ... and, as a result, a force for any other pledge class to deal with!

Upon our arrival in State College on the Friday of Homecoming Weekend, we immediately parked the R.V. at the house. We walked downtown to Zeno's on South Allen Street - a familiar hang out from our day. We stayed at Zeno's for hours, grasping for pitchers of beer and memories alike.

At Zeno's, we were joined by other Phi Sigs: Ken Devlin '86, Frank Pecaitis '86, Bill Plank '85 (all Quarterbrains), Jeff Mason '85, Kyle Stencovage '85, Mark Rudalavage '82, Don Rhoades '84, Rodney Zamrik '89, Tina Zamrik Lester '87 (a Phi Sig little sister from the days when the house had little sisters) and Luke Spaseff '87.

Afterwards, we walked up the street to Chili's, where we were fortunate to find a large table to accommodate our group. After dinner, we went back to the house where the actives were having a party.

Saturday was cold, wet and a loss on the football field. Nevertheless, we had a great time visiting Matt Hilbert's ('81) official Phi Sig alumni tailgate as well as a tailgate hosted by Perry Russ '89.

The weekend would not have been complete without a trip to the College Diner on Sunday morning for breakfast and sticky buns. After purchasing some Penn State attire for wives and family, we headed back to the house. There we saw Dick Doherty '58, Matt Hilbert '81, Robert "Bear" Koehler '58 and Geoff Brugler '72. Finally, we embarked on our long, somewhat quieter, drive back to Washington. We won't wait another 20 years for the next reunion ... perhaps a quarter of that time (or less).