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2004 DC/Balt. Social Gets Rave Reviews

2004 DC/Balt. Social Gets Rave Reviews
Author: Dick Doherty '58

Twas a mild winter's evening [not cold], the guests were arriving [not leaving], O'Leary [the Brickskeller] was opening the bar [not closing], and there was no "lady in red". It was the annual Washington, DC/Baltimore Post New Year's Social. There were 15 attendees (13 alums), which is four more than last year! We continue to grow. Maybe 20 next year?

All had a great time with old friends and newly met brothers. The father of this social from back in the '90s - Dante Terrana '85 - was in town and got away from business to be with us. Glad you could make it, Dante, and thanks for starting this event!

Brothers in attendance represented the classes of 1954 to 2002... 48 years of The Ever Growing Throng. The enthusiasm was high and we stayed much longer than anticipated.

We find that the trek from the north side of Baltimore is a bit too much. Perhaps an event on the north side of Baltimore in the near future? Let's share the camaraderie.

We would like to see the start of a similar get-together in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia... Any life?

Thanks to Gary DeCock '83 from Pittsburgh for his interest and encouragement. He suggested a summer event for the DC/Baltimore and Pittsburgh areas, to be held somewhere in the middle. Let's see if we can get your group going, Gary!

Keep in touch. Let us know if you have any other event suggestions for DC/Baltimore or any other area. Fraternity doesn't end with graduation; it continues to grow throughout our lives.

Dick (Doc) Doherty '58

Click here to view photos from the Brickskeller!

Brothers in Attendance at the Washington, DC/Baltimore
2004 Post New Year's Social

Leo Johnson '58
Paul Gale '56
Jim Hancock '53
Adam Graswick '00
Harry Jones '58
Thomas Conley '01
Justin Domire '02
John Maslin '86
Dante Terrana '85
Paul Bongartz '85
John Russ IV '85
Dick Doherty '58
Bill DeGrandis '77

We want to add YOUR name to the list next year!