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The Board Looks To The Future

The Board Looks To The Future
Author: Dick "Doc" Doherty '58, Alumni Board President

Greetings to all our brothers of Kappa Chapter. We have enjoyed another beautiful fall season and have reached the end of the Penn State football season on a very positive note! Recently we had a great alumni brunch at the chapter house with help from the undergraduates. Many of our younger alumni were back for the game with Purdue. The tailgate was a bit slow, but we need to recognize that Dr. William Lamberton '49 of Erie, Pa., showed again, a real trooper and supporter of the chapter. The game wasn't great, but we all had a good time.

Homecoming on October 23 saw another alumni tailgate and a social at the house after the game, with a brief association meeting afterward.

We are always open to your suggestions for other social functions. We hope you will continue to avail yourself of the easy search process of our Web site to find all the brothers in your geographic area. This is a great way to put together social functions, as we have done in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore area for several years.

On the business side, the board continues to look to the future as owners of a 78-year-old rental property. Yes, we are landlords, as well as a fraternity. The Borough of State College does not let us forget that. We are developing options with an eye to continuing the chapter well into the 21st century as a growing, strong leader on the Penn State campus. This will require a great deal of effort over the next few years. We hope to get your input over the next few years and will keep you informed as to the progress.

We know most of you have e-mail addresses. Please help us to stay in touch better and more often by keeping those addresses on file with us and up to date. Our monthly e-letters are another way we stay in touch more often and faster.

This is the last newsletter of 2004, so I will take this opportunity to wish all of you a joyful and blessed holiday season as well as a happy 2005.