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Summing Up a Great Semester

Summing Up a Great Semester
Author: Tom Marchozzi, President

It is amazing how fast time flies by. It seems like only a few days ago that this semester started, and it is already time to look back, sum up what we have been doing so far this year, and relay the information to those of you who are not lucky enough to still be here at the house.

The fraternity had been doing quite well. With almost 40 people living in the house this year it has certainly been exciting to see the strides we are making in all areas.

As far as activities this fall, the two main ones were homecoming and our annual Halloween party. Homecoming went very smoothly (with the exception of the game, but that is another story altogether). A lot of time was put into our float and it showed. For the first time since I have been here, our float even had moving parts. It was also nice to see those of you who had the opportunity to stop by the house.

For our Halloween party we decorated the house to look like a cave, hired a band and got dressed up with our dates. It is always a good time.

In addition, fall brings with it an opportunity for the fraternity to raise money to support the Four Diamonds Fund through canning for Penn State's Dance Marathon. The Four Diamonds Fund has the objective of someday conquering pediatric cancer. Three weekends this semester were devoted to supporting this worthy cause. On these weekends we packed up our things, drove to different areas, stood at stoplights with cans and asked for donations - not very glamorous but very fulfilling.

Athletically, we are currently in the playoffs of intramural football, and our basketball team is looking to avenge last year's loss in overtime during the championship game. Overall, last year we were ranked ninth, but we should be quite a bit higher by the time everything is said and done this time around.

Academically, we once again are ranked in the top 10 out of 51 fraternities, with a grade-point average well above 3.0, putting us above the all-men's average for the second time in the past two semesters.

The prospects for our fraternity's future are looking bright. I would like to also take this opportunity to invite you all out to the house personally. I understand you receive many letters, similar to this one, saying there will be some function at the house, but feel free to stop by anytime you are in the area.