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Locating pledge brothers
Author: Raul Azpiazu

Roger Calabretta and I (Class of '75) are trying to locate our Pledge Brothers. We would like to see if we could have a reunion some time soon. A good date may be when "Bear" retires (June 17th). Let's get the ball rolling and see if we can get together.

The last time I saw Ron Kolson (or was it Kon Rolson, famous Nortic Explorer?), a dog pissed all over him while he was passed out against a tree in the Mall outside of Williard Bldg on a beautiful Spring day in '74. There were several hundred other witnesses passing by between classes. Kon was mortified and disappeared after that .

If you ever find Brother McClay, be sure to remind him that he owes a substantial sum in past due house bills dating from '73. Perhaps he would be willing to make a donation now of the past due principal plus interest.


posted on 07/28/2006 by L Steuart Brown