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Some of you may remember that Brother Klein conveyed Justice to Brother Kane during his Third Degree sbject to the condition that Justice remain in the house subsequent to his graduation. Brother Kane disputes this claim and believes he was completely justified in retaining Justice upon graduation where it remains today. Can anyone clear the record on this one?

I was not present for Brother Klein's 3rd degree, but I did room with Brother Kane for two semesters.... on that merit alone, I believe he should be sumped.

posted on 03/06/2006 by Brian Tefft

Justice was a gift to me, under no conditions but, as to have, hang out with, and hang out with cool buds (ie. friends). Unbeknownst to me Brother Klein had an extremely long winded Third Degree where I think time actually stood still, I probably passed out while he added this post-time stipulation; that it should remain in the house. Anyhow Justice is still alive.

posted on 03/01/2006 by Matthew Kane