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On March 31, 2007 the Kappa Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa invites all to come and enjoy a great day of gathering and enjoyment of old friends. Come join us in celebration of this great Phi Sig tradition with good company, music and.... party with your Alumni brothers. The celebration will begin at noon with a social hour. We are planning to have a festive day and would like to hear from all of you, our Alumni, for suggestions of what activities you would like to have at the house. Such as, a speaker from the UniversityOs Greek community or PSK's Headquarters, a barbecue outside and dinner buffet in the evening, a band, music and dancing, an evening party..... please send us your suggestions. The actives, Board of Directors and your friends all hope to see you here.

Barry Atkinson O62
Secretary, Phi Sigma Kappa
Board of Directors