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Whether our cheering forces the opposing team to call a timeout or Beaver Stadium is shaking from the jumping to "Hey Baby," Penn State fans rank among the top in the nation. No other school can compare to the intense tailgating on Penn State Fanatics, though. So line up the RV's, let's make Penn State Football 2007/2008 Season an unforgettable one. Follow this recipe by visiting the following sites to learn how you can make the best possible tailgating in Happy Valley.

First! Visit Phi Sigma Kappa's directory and message board to stay in contact with your Brothers. Plan a Phi Sigma Kappa tailgate with alumni and active brothers.

Penn State Gear
To be a true Nittany Lion, you need to become one of the hundreds of thousands of fans decked out in PSU gear. Don't have time to go downtown while in Happy Valley? Order your gear online!

The Official Site to buy Penn State Merchandise
NCAA Sports Store
HappyValley.com: Browse the Shopping section for store locations and websites.
Football Fanatics: everything from licenses plates to game day beads
Sports Unlimited: the necessities for a tailgate

Yes, the student tickets sold out in less than an hour. That does not mean you miss your chance on getting into the game. You still have your chance!

Visit the message board to see who is selling or trading their tickets.
Lion Connection: Look for fans buying or selling tickets.
Stub Hub: Great place to get your NCAA football tickets!
Ticket City: Buy College Football tickets today! Ticket City is your premiere source for College Football tickets. We have regular season home and away game tickets, conference championship tickets, and all bowl game tickets, including BCS National Championship tickets
EBay: Don't forget to check out one of the biggest trading sites on the Internet!

Of course, you'll want to spend the whole weekend in Happy Valley! That requires an early booking of a hotel or motel. Visit HappyValley.com's Hotel Guide to book early reservations.

Tailgating Tips
Time to start the fun! You may think you know a lot about tailgating, but visit these sites to open your eyes to a whole other world!

Penn StateTailgate.com: Learn all the important events going on at each tailgate. Count down the days till the first tailgate with their countdown clock!
Penn State Tailgating guide: Through HappyValley.com, look through the guidelines, maps, and headlines.
Football Tailgate Party: The "How To" host a tailgating party. All the preparations and such you need for the big day.
Tailgating.com: Everything you could possibly want to know about tailgating. C'mon! It is called tailgating.com!

Food and Recipes
Yum! You can almost smell the grills burning from here! Visit these sites to get the best recipes or look for the closest grocery store.

Groceries, Bakeries and Markets in State College
Bottle Shops, Beer Distributors, and State Stores in State College
Football Party Recipes: some classic foods for your football tailgate
Tailgater Chef: Learn from the best! Everything from recipes, books, contests, and more!

There's no way you are getting lost in the sea of people. Look at these handy maps of State College and Beaver Stadium.

Beaver Stadium Map
State CollegeMap and Directions
Tailgate Parking Map

Football News and Articles
What true Penn State football fan doesn't want to read countless articles on their team? Check out these sites for stats and play-by-plays from every game. See what the sports critics thought of the Lions' performance.

Official Penn State Sports site
Sports Illustrated
SI Road-trip to State College, PA

Finally, as you are relaxing at home from your wild tailgating experience, don't forget to download your photos to our Group Photos Album! Show all the Brothers how much fun tailgating with Phi Sigma Kappa can be, so they join you next time.

Now that you have the perfect recipe to a successful tailgating experience in the one and only Happy Valley, be sure to follow through by adding some salt and pepper into the mix!