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If you haven't been getting our monthly e-Letter in your inbox, it could be because we don't have your email address. Click on the Edit Info button at the top of our web site to update your email address and other contact information.

If your email address is correct and you're a Verizon subscriber, our email may be getting blocked by your email address. Follow these instructions to unblock our monthly e-Letters, and you should begin to receive emails from our online community:

Click here to download the Verizon Whitelist Request Form and follow these instructions:

Step 1: Enter your personal Information.
Step 2: Enter imodules.com in the "E-mail address or domain you cannot receive e-mail from:" field.
Step 3: Optional Enter the following server names below in the "Outgoing mail server:" field:

If you fill in this information you should start receiving emails from the community.

If you are receiving our monthly e-Letter, be sure to forward it to a friend for whom we may not have an active email address for. The more we can utilize electronic communication, the more money we can save on printing, paper and postage costs. Help us to increase the email list for our electronic communications by encouraging your Phi Sig friends to become frequent users of our web site.