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Several alumni recently shared their reasons for financially supporting the annual fund of The Phi Sigma Kappa Association. Here's what they had to say:

"An important element that prepared me for a very satisfying career was the experience I had living in the Boalsburg Fort (Kappa). Many Alums who graduated before me contributed to renovate the house in 1962. Now it is my turn to help the actives get a good start. Yes, it feels good."
-Robert 'Doc' Landis '63

"Penn State has always been a big part of my life. As with most of us it was a transition period and one with many challenges. Helping cope with these changes were my years as a Phi Sig. We had a wide variety of brothers and a great mix of academic, social and athletic capabilities. Some of the brothers I met have become life long friends. I would love to see the tradition of Phi Sigma Kappa continue, who knows maybe I'll have a grandson continue the 'Bruno' name."
-Richard B. Nonini '69

"When I joined Phi Sigma Kappa, I took seriously the obligations of brotherhood for life. Kappa was not the chapter into which I was initiated, but I am fortunate to have benefited from the fraternal spirit of Kappa Brothers who invited me to affiliate with them during my graduate school years. I was even more honored to be chosen to serve a term as chapter president. I cherish the gift of brotherhood and do what I can to contribute to the opportunity of other men to benefit from the experience of Phi Sig Brotherhood that has meant so much to me."
-Anthony Fusaro

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