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To Whomever at Phi Sig,

I am now 91, in surprisingly good health, I still play 18 holes of golf weekly, jog and pump iron. I was at Penn State and at the house for only two years, two years for pre-dental, then to Maryland – Baltimore College. My father graduated in civil engineering in 1907, I believe.

I found this picture tucked away and since I fairly recently received the August letter, Brothers of Kappa Chapter, I thought I'd send this photo along. One of our members at that time, Carl King (not in the picture) from Philadelphia, wrestled varsity with the 117 pound class. In fact, he kept me from the varsity. He'd wrestled all through high school in Philadelphia. I started at State College.

Wish I could have met John Shaw '29 making it to 102 – what a guy.

So for now, best to all,
Ed Waltman

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