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If you have a profile on Facebook, you will now be able to "connect" your Facebook account to your profile on www.phisigpsu.com using the new "Connect with Facebook" application.

The two web sites will be connected after a one-time process which links your Facebook account with your profile on www.phisigpsu.com. By connecting with Facebook, when you register for an event, make a donation or submit an alumni update, you will have the option to also publish that information in your Facebook news feed for your Phi Sig Penn State friends to see.

How to connect with Facebook:

Important – if you have not yet registered on www.phisigpsu.com, you must first go through the quick "First Time Login" process. Go to the web site and click on "First Time Login" at the top left hand corner.

Step 1:
Go to www.phisigpsu.com and click on the word "Login" at the top left hand corner of the home page.

Step 2:
Click the "Connect with Facebook" logo. This will bring up a dialog box from Facebook prompting you to enter your Facebook login information. Once your information is entered, click the "Connect" button.

Step 3:
Facebook will then verify that you are now logged in to their site with your profile picture and a message. Enter your www.phisigpsu.com login name and password information as you normally would, and click the green "Login" button on the Phi Sig Penn State online community page.

Step 4:
Once you have entered both sets of login information, you will then be entered into the Phi Sig Penn State online community and will be greeted with a message stating you are logged into both Phi Sig Penn State and Facebook. Your Facebook profile picture should show next to the message.

Step 5:
When you register for an event, make a donation or submit an alumni update on www.phisigpsu.com, you will be taken to the "Success Page." You will see the link there to "Share on Facebook." If you wish to share on your Facebook profile, click on the "Share on Facebook" link.

Step 6:
A dialog box will then appear from Facebook asking if you would like to publish this to your Facebook page (wall). If you would like to publish it, simply click "Publish."

Step 7:
You can then go directly from www.phisigpsu.com to Facebook. You will see your registration information posted on your wall. Your friends can also see it!

Logging Out:
Once you have connected the two web sites, when you log out of one you log out of both. For future logins to www.phisigpsu.com, you will be able to use your Facebook login information just by clicking the "Connect with Facebook" button. You will then enter the Phi Sig Penn State online community without any further steps.