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Thank you to our alumni members who recently responded to let us know how Phi Sigma Kappa has influenced their lives. Here's what a few brothers had to say about their time in the fraternity:

Ben McClure '62: "I learned civility, proper etiquette, how to and not dress and to get along with all kinds of people."

Benjamin T. Jarmul, Jr. '81: "Phi Sig offered a great transition from high school to college life and college life to the real world. Great support system and family. Still family 25+ years after graduation. While my father questioned and cautioned me about pledging the house (when he dropped me off for our pledge house clean-up at the beginning of Spring 1978), he later remarked how this was the single best decision I ever made in life (of course before I met my wife)." Benjamin added, "I was an accounting major at Penn State so Bob 'Bear' Koehler, our chapter advisor for 4+ years, was my first professional mentor in life and got me an internship with Jartran Trucking in Coral Cables, Florida the summer between my junior and senior years (at the time I was painting for Bill Robertson, a Phi Sig who had his dental office on South Allen) that paved the way for an internship the winter term of my senior year with Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young). I worked with Ernst & Young in Houston and Pittsburgh for fourteen years and Parente Randolph in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh for fourteen years. I always consulted with Bear throughout my career. Professionally, I owe Bear a ton and miss him and his words of wisdom and many, many experiences much."

Michael Swank M.D. '66: "I learned the art of discipline and cooperation during my pledge time and the art of organization thereafter."

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