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There's nothing better than a weekend back in Happy Valley to relive your youth. But let's face it...we're not the same early-twenty-something guys we were back then. Why settle for long lines, cover charges, cheap beer, elbow-to-elbow college crowds, loud music and so-so bar food? Take advantage of the many non-student hangouts that Happy Valley has to offer. Grab your KDR buddies and head out on your own "adult" bar tour this season. Be sure to add these places to your list.

Penn State Hospitality

Located in the Nittany Lion Inn, it's got a scotch kinda vibe. Lots of dark wood and plenty of space for small groups. The bar of choice for mature alumni.

Legends offers a great big drink menu and is conveniently located in the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center—especially perfect if you're a guest there.

North Atherton

State College's only brewery, it's a beer-lovers dream. With at least 8 beers on tap, including seasonal offerings, everyone's got a favorite. We like Red Mo Ale.


On the corner of Calder Way and McAllister, the bar at Rotelli offers more than 30 varieties of martinis and more than 100 different bottled beers. You won't go home thirsty.

Located in the Atherton Hotel, this lounge has specialty drinks and an extensive menu, making it a great spot when you need a meal or snack to accompany your beverage.

Zola New World Bistro
Right on College Ave., Zola's location makes it perfect for an evening drink. And their award-winning wine list doesn't hurt either.


The bar and lounge at Bonfatto's are perfect for a casual drink, especially if you're out exploring Happy Valley. The lounge features a big, big-screen TV for sports lovers.

Gamble Mill
The bar at the Gamble Mill is the coolest part, in our humble opinion, of this historic restaurant. There's table seating, in addition to the bar, so you can enjoy one of the restaurant's renowned dishes.


Duffy's Tavern
This authentic 19th century pub doesn't appeared to have changed much since then, and that's a good thing. While you're there, enjoy a meal in the dining room, and a walk around the diamond.

The bar at Kelly's features a variety of bottled and draught beer, a substantial wine list and its own food menu. You can't go to Kelly's and not eat... well, you can, but you'd be crazy.

East College

Harrison's Wine Grill and Catering
What's in a name? In Harrison's case, you can bet their wine list is as good as their food, which is excellent. Located in the Hilton Garden Inn, it's just a mile from Downtown.

Olde New York
A tremendous selection of beer and great big bar area make Olde New York an ideal spot for drinks. Keep your seat or shift to the dining room to grab a bite off their unique menu.