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Wouldn't it be great if someone could make a movie about our Phi Sigma Kappa experience? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for some) the cameras weren't rolling during our days at Penn State. The experience we shared can only live on through our memories, stories and photos.

While we all shared the same great experience, we each have our own unique stories to tell from it. And we need your help to document them! Tell us a great story or two that you fondly remember from your undergraduate days. We'll feature the best stories on our web site and in future print publications.

We (somewhere) have a book, which documented when we invited President Ike Eisenhower to join our membership. It made all of the east coast papers and we had Secret Service agents at the house to 'interview' everyone. Bob Thompson '59 (dec.) made up a complete book-but understand it 'disappeared' in the 70's.

It would be a great story if it could be found.

Ken Ishler '59

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