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By Matt McClelland, Chapter President

I just wanted to pass on some pictures of the house projects to show how the house overall is looking. The active brothers are all very happy and excited about the new changes to the house. I want to pass on to all of you on their behalf a thank you for your generosity and dedication to this house and brotherhood.

In campus Greek news, the IFC hired a company Phired Up to come and speak with us about rush and how to have a better brotherhood. Overall it went very well. All of the Rush Chairs and myself attended many of the sessions, as did a number of brothers in the house. I was a lot about strategy and how to represent yourself. I think we learned a lot. I have been to their sessions before when I was in Altoona and it did help improve that chapter. Overall rush seems to be going well. We have a very long list of interested rushes that we are in contact with. Our rush chairs have also been very active and creating a great rush calendar with a lot of fun events. I have the goal of getting 20-25 new guys by the end of this semester. So we have work cut out to but I am confident that it is achievable.

Hope to see you at the house this fall!