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Frederick Jacobs '69 is sharing his love for Phi Sig and the brotherhood. He Reminisces about past experiences in the house and says why he donates now as an alumnus. Staying active within the chapter is important to Jacobs because without support, the house could not survive. See why he is proud to be a part of Phi Sig's unique brotherhood.

1.) Why did you decide to join a fraternity? Why did you choose Phi Sig?

Brother Ron Manning '69 was given a bid and told the Brothers to invite me. I rushed several other fraternities, but Phi Sig was the friendliest and had the most quality guys, a wise choice.

2.) How did your Phi Sig membership change your college years, and how does it continue to influence your life today?

Fraternities were very big and prestigious in the late 60's at PSU. I think there were over 60 houses, mostly national. The tenants of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character hold true to this day. I made a wise choice.

3.) Can you tell me a couple of your favorite memories from Phi Sig?

We were a most social-oriented house, parties Fri and Sat nights, often with live music, known as "Jammies." We even had a "Jammie" on a Wednesday. Our social budget was huge one term, and we actually ran a deficit, had to charge an assessment to each brother to cover the debt, were going to impeach Treasurer Al Swett, but it wasn't his fault. Also remember "surfing" in living room and party room, bagging anyone who dared not be alert, tending bar, after "1's".

4.) Why would you recommend others to join Phi Sig?

My brothers at Phi Sig are some of the finest individuals I have ever known, and the experience is priceless. If I could do it again, I would change virtually nothing.

5.) What was your involvement like during your college years with Phi Sig?

I served several terms as Rush Chairman and was Assistant Social Chairman with Chairman Steve Brose(the term we busted the budget). I also represented the house in sports competition for Spring Week a few times; we did well.

6.) Why do you make financial contributions as an alumnus? Why would you encourage others to do the same?

Supporting the house and Phi Sig is a privilege and responsibility. Without our help, it would go away. The hope is that the traditions, fun, and Brotherhood continues and that future Penn Staters can have the experience we had at Phi Sig.

7.) What year did you pledge and what did you study while at college?

Pledged in Winter/Spring 1966, plan was to be a dentist, BA in General Arts and Sciences. My take on the college education is not so much that you learn specific things to use for your career (I am not a dentist), but that you had the discipline to see it through and graduate.

8.) What is your involvement with the Kappa chapter now?

I am a donor to the house reconstruction and have visited a few times, but have not seen the remodel.

9.) What is your occupation now? Can you tell me about your family? Is there anything else new in your life?

I am an architectural hardware consultant - I prepare security specifications for commercial buildings in Southern Calif., schools, churches, office buildings. I work at home on my own time, but am technically employed by Ingersoll-Rand. We sold our hardware distribution business in 2001, "retired" for 2 years, came back as a consultant. Plan is to do this about another year, then retire for good. I spend most of my non-work time training, teaching, and organizing tactical defensive weapons programs (pistol, rifle, and shotgun). I compete in shooting matches every weekend in San Diego and train and compete in Arizona and Central Calif. several times a year.

10.) Why do you think it's important to remain active with Phi Sig as an alumnus?

The Phi Sig experience is about as good as it gets, very important to stay active and in touch.

11.) Do you still keep in touch with other brothers? Who? Would you like to be in contact with anyone?

Patti and I have shared Thanksgiving Day with Brothers Denny Stick '68 and Bob Roberts '69 and their wives since 1981. Bob was Best Man in our wedding and I was Best Man in Denny's wedding. Had lunch with Brother Ron Manning '69 yesterday, he visiting from east coast, regularly communicate with Brothers Ken Demaree '70 and Al Swett '69. Recently heard from long lost roommate Tim McCoy '69, thanks to Kappa online newsletter.

12.) Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Very notable that the major stalwart supporters of the house renovation are from my era, late 60's to early 70's, simply the best, so proud to be part of this Brotherhood.

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