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By Dick Doherty

On Sunday, May 22nd twenty four Phi Sigs and friends gathered at the Manada Golf Course for a great day of golf and brotherhood with a bit of rain thrown in. This year's outing was in honor of brother Roger Barton who was organizing the outing until his sudden passing on March 22nd.

Many thanks for picking up the lead on this event to Fred DeCock. Also thanks to Keith Whitman, Henry Nixon, co-owner of the course. and Dick Richardson for their assistance.

Twenty one golfers took to the course, plus Brothers Newell, Lloyd and Richardson played a ball for Roger with his clubs. I was told that Roger did quite well. I am sure he would have been pleased.

Awards for closest-to-the-pin and longest drive were won by Jack Lloyd, '68, and Dick Richardson, '70, respectively. Everyone had a great time and plans are in the works to hold a similar outing next Spring. We hope that more Phi Sigs living in the Mid-Atlantic area will attend next year.

The only down side was that most of the back nine was played in the rain. What stalwarts. Most of the challenge hole winnings were generously donated to the annual fund including Roger's closest to the pin on I think 18. Thanks guys. Afterwards most of us had dinner down the road thanks to Keith's arrangements.

Again, many thanks to all the brothers who attended for a great day. A good kick off for a Kappa Chapter annual event. We look forward to many more.

Remembering Roger...

I would like to thank, once again, Fred DeCock, Dick Doherty and everyone who showed up to play in our 1st Annual (hopefully) Phi Sig golf outing. What was originally envisioned by Roger Barton as a chance to get brothers together for a fun time playing golf, sipping a few cold ones, etc. turned into all that PLUS, a wonderful memorial occasion for our Brother Roger. Jorja Barton, her daughter Emily and her children showed up to root us on, and even brought Roger's clubs and hat to ride along with me on my cart. Jack Lloyd, Dick Richardson and I alternated shots, playing a ball for Rog. I even wore his hat when it was my turn to hit his shot. He would have been very pleased with the 87 "he" shot. It's always great to see so many brothers from days of yore. "Phi Sig once..........!"
- Rich Newell