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Phrases that hit us when we miss that opportunity with a brother. Read Ben McClure's '62 letter concerning the passing of his brother and roommate, Bill Clayton '62. As Ben exhorts, take those few minutes and make that contact. All the needed contact information is at your finger tips on the Kappa web site. Don't wait. Do it now before it becomes a regret. Ben also sent along a generous contribution to the Annual Fund in memory of Bill. Thank you, Ben, for your thoughtful Letter.

All the best for a good summer.
- Brother Dick "Doc" Doherty

Letter from Ben McLure '62:

Dear Doc:

Please accept the enclosed check in memory of Bill Clayton '62, whose passing is noted in the current Penn State Alumni News.

Bill, John Lloyd and I "inhabited" The Fort togehter for the 61-62 school year. Of course we made all the promises about keeping in touch, getting together, etc. The last time I saw Bill was in 1964! I never knew what happened, where he went, what he did, who he married or anything else until I saw his obit. Although I thought of him often, I was too damn lazy, stupid or whatever to make any attempt to track him down. Now it is too late.

I would suggest to all brothers - call, text or email your old brothers. Don't wait to find their obits in a newspaper!

Fond memories do recall us to the days of yore...but we need to do something more. Call your roomie, dammit! Now!!

Ben McLure, Kappa '62