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Dan Stearns '73 has many fond memories of his Phi Sig days that persist to this day including riding the floor buffer and deliberately torturing each other as a means of showing fondness. The bonds he formed were so strong that a group of 20 or so brothers from his era remain in daily contact via email, keeping the Phi Sig connection alive.

Thank you to Dan Stearns '73 for participating in this Q&A.

Why did you join Phi Sig as an undergraduate? I had several high school friends who were Phi Sigs and they were instrumental in my decision-making. Through them I got to know quite a few brothers going into my freshman year.

What is the funniest memory from your Phi Sig days? It's hard to narrow it down to one memory, but riding the floor buffer has to be a contender.

What is the single fondest memory you have shared/will share with your children and grandchildren? How we expressed our mutual fondness for each other by deliberately torturing each other. Also, meeting my wife in the party room was pretty monumental. Maybe that should be listed first.

How do you stay connected with your brothers as an alumnus? I trade emails with a small group of fine gentlemen on a nearly daily basis. A group of 20 or so brothers from the early 70's also get together in State College every five years to catch up, reminisce, and tell some lies (some intentional, some not). I also stay connected through my activities on the Alumni Board.

Have you visited Happy Valley since graduation? I live in Happy Valley, so the trip is easy.

What do you think about the Bill O'Brien hire? Time will tell. You just can't replace JoePa.

What about your membership in Phi Sig makes you the most proud? The fact that we can stand up to the ideals of "Success With Honor" and be damn proud of it.

How would your life be different today if you had never joined Phi Sig? I would probably have no friends, no wife, and no tolerance for alcohol.

If you could go back and relive one moment from your Phi Sig years, what would it be and why? It would be my pledge formal, because I didn't remember any of it the next day.

Where has life taken you since graduation? What's new in your life today? After living in New York, North Carolina, and Boston, I was lucky enough to return to Happy Valley as a member of the faculty. I feel very fortunate to be close to the student population and to be able to work with many young, promising individuals, including today's Phi Sig actives.

Who do you stay connected with in your alumni years? I know where to find most of the gentlemen who were in the house when I was there.

Why would you encourage other brothers to engage with Phi Sig in their alumni years? There is truly a bond that brought us together over 40 years ago, and that remains today. As time goes on, the significance of that bond becomes more apparent. Not just for the memories of our college days, but for the friendships that have endured.

Connect with Dan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A photo taken before a football game in 2009. Left to right are: John
Robinson (Bison), Rick Jilleba '73 (Wax), Bill Albertson '73 (Giant),
Dan Stearns '73 and Terry Robison '77 (Little Bison).