Doc Lamberton '49

No, it isn't what you're thinking. There were no fevers, coughs or sneezes. This house call was to 501 S. Allen Street. It was Alumni Weekend at Penn State, and Doc Lamberton '49 had decided to share a Phi Sig Friday night with his grandchildren. "We went to the house and rang the door," Lamberton recalled. "The actives answered the door and invited us in. We found them to be very nice young men, and we enjoyed ourselves very much." Read on to find out about the Kappa experiences of Doc Lamberton, his life as a physician and more.

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The Phi Sig Bond Stays Strong for 40+ Years

Dan Stearns '73 has many fond memories of his Phi Sig days that persist to this day including riding the floor buffer and deliberately torturing each other as a means of showing fondness. The bonds he formed were so strong that a group of 20 or so brothers from his era remain in daily contact via email, keeping the Phi Sig connection alive.

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Simply the "Best": Family Provides Legacy of Kappa Presidents

Like other families, the Bests share many bonds and common experiences like little league, family get-togethers and football games, but unlike most families, the Bests share the bond of brotherhood as well. The Best's family ties with Phi Sigma Kappa began in the early '70s when Bruce '76 made the decision to join after rush.

Bruce began college with the goal of joining a fraternity and got to know the brothers of Phi Sig through a high school friend, Bob Kotchman '73. The closeness and uniqueness of the brotherhood, along with their focus on academics and intramurals attracted Bruce.

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